Oak Lane Media is looking for music artists who wish to have their music played in Wallflower.  If you are an up-and-coming artist Wallflower may provide your music exposure, and we will create a Bandcamp page for you at our "Wallflower Music Artists" site where Wallflower users will be able to purchase and download your music.  However, you must have the legal right to let Oak Lane Media use your music in Wallflower and Bandcamp.

We accept any music style, from classical to rap to metal and anything in between, however no music will be accepted which contains profanity, violence, obscenity, or any other content which would be unsuitable for minors or otherwise offensive to Wallflower's users.  Also, your music should be reasonably well recorded.  This does not mean your music must be professionally produced or recorded; home recordings are welcome.

Please contact us for more information about submitting your music.